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«TC Logistic» Ltd. provides successful transportation, logistics and customs services.

The company «TC Logistic» Ltd. is a member of the logistics operators guild of Moscow trade-industrial chamber, member of Russian-German foreign trade chamber. A distinctive feature of our company is an integrated approach to logistics, customs clearance. Our company provides services for road transport, sea freight, air and railway transportation through Russia, Europe and Asia, including the motor transportation of oversized, bulk, heavy and dangerous (ADR) goods, providing for the preparation all required documents.

A distinctive feature of our company is an integrated approach to logistics, providing clients an individual set of essential services.

In the light of significant changes in the country in the field of customs clearance - change of customs location to the borders, elimination of customs in Moscow and Moscow region - orientates customer to change long-established terms of logistics, to change partners in a very short time. Our company is mobile in this situation, because works and has experience with major regional and border terminals that allows customers to review and choose from many of the most optimal route and place of customs clearance, using all necessary tools to customers and ensure smooth operation of the new route to transport goods, places customs clearance.

TC Logistics provides a full range of services for operations with goods from the date of shipment of the vehicle prior to the date of customs declaration in any of the existing customs regime on the territory of Russia and the delivery to the warehouse.

We understand how important efficiency and reliability is goods delivery process and therefore we have formed a team of professionals which can provide high class services. During the entire transport process, our staff is continually monitoring the movement of goods.