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Classification desicions
Assistance in reception decisions on classification

Acceptance of the preliminary decision on classification

of the goods according to the commodity nomenclature of foreign trade activities

The organisation of classification examinations
The organisation, under demands of participants of foreign trade activities, identification, classification examinations of the goods, transported through customs border of the Russian Federation, with a view of assignment of HS code  foreign trade activities of Russia
Consultation concerning classification of the goods on HS code Russia.
Assistance in definition of market cost of the goods for the customs purposes, in Commercial and industrial chamber, and other expert establishments
Sampling and tests of the goods and carrying out of their researches in accredited by State standarts of Russian test centres and Laboratories, preparation and granting of certificates of conformity and safety.
Assistance in reception of Classification decisions in customs bodies
Consultation and realisation of customs registration of the equipment by one HS code without the classification decision on the terms of single delivery