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Every day documentation services

Ensuring cooperation and coordination between the structural subdivisions of the client and the terminal involved in the process of customs clearance of goods.
Daily monitoring and timely reporting on the customs clearance of shipments.
Update on cash balances of customs duties.
Consulting on customs legislation and governing documents of the Federal Customs Service of Russia.
Carrying out the examination of documents for compliance with the rules of customs legislation.

Recommendations on the need and help in the organization receiving permits public bodies.
Preparation of the completeness of the documents necessary for customs clearance of goods.
Implementation of control over the accuracy provided by the consignee (forwarder) documents for the declaration of goods.
Implementation of operational tracking CCD in the customs authority.
Informing the consignee of the need to provide additional information requested by the customs authorities in the process of registration.
Informing the consignee of the passage of the stages of approvals and their results in the functional departments of customs authorities.
Control of HS codes and guidelines for the classification of goods, their correct description in the shipping documents.